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Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Diwali !

Wish you all a very happy diwali and a prosperous new year.


Saturday, October 29, 2005

Zimbly Awestruck!

Wow..this is the beauty of 'fall colors'. Houston never gave me a chance to relish one. And now Columbus is bestowing the showers of beautiful natural hues. Simply superb. This is the picture of the tree adorned with orangish golden fall hues standing right outside my house. And the icing on the cake is that this beauty is visible from my bedroom window.

Many more such wonderful trees adorning the road and making my morning walk to school zimbly amazing.

Wonder what would it look like after snowing?

Have a great weekend folks !

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Strange but true. "Bangalored" is a verb which has been recently accrued in the english vocabulary. A person is said to be 'bangalored' if he lost his job because the work got outsourced to bangalore or any other city in India. "He got bangalored last week" is an example of its usage.

I ain't kidding people. Google it up I say. Lot of people in US got bangalored that it became an issue during the US presidential election. Thats exactly when this word was coined.

Dictionary defintion :
Bangalored adj. (said of a corporation, project, or employment) having been relocated to India; having lost business or employment due to such a relocation.

Here are some quick links to 'Bangalored'..hmm it feels really awkward to even pronounce it.
Click: A and B.

And guess what..one such similar verb is "Shanghaied" which means kidnapped. "Shanghaied" - this word even exists in Webster's dictionary. Try and see yourself. Shanghaied has been known since about 1870, at first in the sense of kidnapping a person to make up the crew numbers on a ship, but now more generally to be for ced into doing something against one's will. There is one more... 'Sodom' from the Bible.

Interesting !! Names of places as verbs and adjectives. Given Mr. Ganguly's status quo, it may not be long befor the Ganguly joke gets vocabularized. I think i need to get gangulied from blogger. I have tons of study material to read for midterm and tons of writing for an assignment. Well, you know what.. kids who shy work and procrastinate studies even during exams would soon be referred as being 'sujued'. Ahh..I seriously need to study. A saving grace to my name.

And this is me signing off.


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Is it just ME ?

Can you go without knowing 'why you were deemed false' by others when the question you answered was subjective? It is really unnerving for me sometimes. Let me be honest....almost always. The hard fact that 'I am/was wrong' does not bother me. It is the ignorance and desire to argue for my thoughts and beliefs which vexes me and fans my frustration. I can tolerate myself to go wrong but not allow to be ignorant about the reason behind it. I am like.."Tell me why..I am ready to argue". Caution should be exercised here when saying 'argue'. Its just trying to get ignorance out ot the way and see things lucid and in perspective. It is like having a healthy argument. Its not just about proving oneself to be always right. Isn't it? Is that the price perfectionists pay?

Or..is it just ME?


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Smile A While

Joke of the week


Oxford adds a new word to dictionary.
Word : Ganguly

Example Sentence: His attendance in office is 'ganguly' .
"It means he comes and goes immediately."


Remembering some good old (questionable though looking at the 'then' presence of corrupted cricketers) days.....As a captain Sachin Tendulkar was the first one in the cricket calender year to score a 1000 runs in Test and ODIs as a Captain of the team and/or Individual Cricketer. Despite the contribution from the captain the 'Men In Blue' could not live up to the name and expectations (it did exist at that time!!). I still feel, it was unfair to dethrone Sachin and deprive him from captainship. Anyways let bygones be bygones....some may say that my opinion of sachin is biased due to favouritism.

Cut to today's scenario. Now that 'The Prince of Calcutta' Mr. Ganguly hasn't performed well since loonnnngggggg as a captain or a cricketer, our struggling team does need a change. Its not about Ganguly or Captain or Coach...its about a long-overdue-now-inevitably-needed change. Common people, do you even remember when we won the last triangular series. Four long years back in 2001. Shucks !!!!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Top Ten Lies Told By Graduate Students

10. It doesn't bother me at all that my college roommate is making $80,000 a year on Wall Street.

9. I'd be delighted to proofread your book/chapter/article.

8. My work has a lot of practical importance.

7. I would never date an undergraduate.

6. Your latest article was so inspiring.

5. I turned down a lot of great job offers to come here for study.

4. I just have one more book to read and then I'll start writing.

3.The department is giving me so much support.

2. My job prospects look really good.

1. No really. I'll be out of here in only two more years.

Ever told any of these? As a graduate student you must have told atleast one of these lies..common accept it...whats the big deal.....Even I have.........errrr... Galti Se Mishtake Ho Gaya.


Columbus Images

Columbus Downtown:

Topiary Park:

OSU: The Oval

Amphitheatre at OSU

Enarson Hall:

OSU: Arts Center

Friday, October 07, 2005

Go Bucks !!!

Its the Buckeye Madness !! Yes, I am a Buckeye now. No..no..don't get me wrong. Its not my new name. :D From a University of Houston - Cougar, now I am a OSU - Buckeye.

AS says, we should be always proud of our alma matter, and ditto.. I am proud to be a alumni of MSU (baroda) and UH. Albeit the feeling of belonging to a big ten like OSU is different and exciting. KK keeps teasing...kya re ab tu big ten mein..bade log. I modestly deny replying, 'kuch bhi'. But honestly, the heart skips a beat on hearing it. Childish, truely. I had applied to OSU for Masters, din't make it in '03. Now I can say, I m a Buckeye.

Its really a different world out here than Univesity of Houston. If you are not a OSU football fan, you are really missing out on something. The thrill, the excitement of each football game fans from every possible OSU student. I have been to these football games twice in UH though, watched superbowl too, but the knowlege of the game was NIL. I used to cheer my team without understanding what is happening around. Who calls on-the-field-chaos a game? Those were some early acquaintances with American and College football. I came with a zehphyr knowlege about the game. Yeah, I was into Cricket, Tennis, and Basketball all the time. Now, I can enthusiastically follow it. :D Thanks to RS, whom I ask each and every WHY question...:D RS also told me that OSU has the second largest college football stadium. Wow....

OSU football is a Bigggggggggggg deal here. I still remember 3 weeks ago we had a game with Texas Longhorns. Man...it seemed like a 'World Cup Final Match'. The game was in the evening. Me and my roommates were out shopping groceries in the morning..some 10:00ish. Heavy trafific, road blocks, loud music, sale of OSU T-shirts and game props...and so on. Wow..the roads were jam-packed. Initially I was thinking..c'mmon ppl what the big deal? But shocking enough for myself, the football fever was getting on me. Suddenly, I wanted to buy the roadside OSU stuff. The eyes could only get a glimpse of students adorned with OSU clothes and stuff. Every single person was carrying a paper fan which had a picture of the quarterback....the captain per se. Whoa.....its madness here. Though we lost the game, I watched it till the end. New experience. Thrilling....I cannot find a better way to describe it.

Waiting for the OSU Vs Michigan game. Its like INDIA Vs PAKISTAN. The attitude is 'Who cares for the cup, we have to win this match - Do or Die !!' I would have loved to go to this game, but its in Michigan, so next time I will make sure to get the season tickets. :D


I am still not into the Baseball...NY Yanks or Red Sox..who cares. I still like cricket. Why would I like a we-want-a-different-version game. Cricket is still cricket and I do support my team despite all the downs and lows. (We haven't won a triangular cup final since 2001...X-(...that really irates me.) But my sincere requests to the Indian team, please get done with "Coach or Captain Mania". :D

Anyways...have a gr8 weekend folks.


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Columbus Diaries Begin.....

Aeons and aeons of unplanned break from blogosphere finally comes to a finito. Gosh...i don't even remember when I wrote something last time. Back to the world of blogging. Reporting straight from the heart of Ohio, Columbus.

Intially this city seemed really small as compared to Houston. Houston is huge..vast...enormous....and Columbus is nice, small, cozy. Nevertheless, it is the 15th largest city in US. As for myself, I feel homely here. And why not, my roommates here are the very people I stayed in Houston. Monali and Manjiri are two wonderful roomates one can have. Life with them is fun and comfy. Not to mention....we all miss Deepti here. We all have moved into a nice new town house. Wow...people..it rocks. No kidding. And the icing on the cake...is my own room. :D Yet to get a bed, but enjoying my room, my house, my stay with some really nice people.

But...guess what. No internet !! Gosh..thats really is getting on my nerves. Ya ya...we have internet and router and blah blah the damn router settings. After a whole ordeal of confrontation with the customer care, the guys finally said your new lappie's internal wireless card is screwed. Get a 25 feet long cable. Shucks !!! And that reminds me that I forgot to mention about my new laptop. Really spent a whole day just to configure it according to my convenience. Call it crazy and unnecessary...but believe me...I am Crazy. :D:D.

My transition from Houston to Columbus has been really long and slow and demanding patience. Finally there. And all worth it !! Although still missing houston, afterall you cannot forget your first shelter in the US of A.

The Ohio State University has a gargantuan campus. Every momment your eyes would get a glimpse of students walking or running to catch the shuttle buses..they are called CABS here. And with your school id, you can travel free on any of the city buses too...wow. Thats really nice. But the nicer part is that our house is near to the department. Really, the 8:00 am walk to those early morning lectures is the best part of the day. :) Of course, the weather is wonderful these days...cut to october end and winter sets in. God knows what will I do then in the snow walk...:D

"Columbus columbus ..chutti hai aayi..o yeah" . Well, I may have to reconsider the lyrics here..the first quarter of PhD had begun and it is as gruelling as it can be. :)

Oops....time to read class assignments. :D