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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Medical Specialists!

A 'Dentist' doing his first extraction on a patient, was understandably nervous. When he got the Molar out, his hand shook. he lost grip on the instrument and the tooth dropped down into the patients throat.

'Sorry', said the Dentist. You are outside my specialty now. Yous should see a 'Laryngologist'!

By the time the unfortunate victim got to the Laryngologist, the tooth had worked its way down to the stomach. The Laryngologist examined the man. 'Sorry', said the doctor, You are outside my specialty now. You should see a 'Gastrologist'!
The Gastrologist X-rayed the pateitn. 'Sorry', said the doctor, the tooth has traveled further down into your lower intestines. You should see an 'Enterologist'!

The Enterologist took some X-rays. 'Sorry', the tooth is not there. It must have gone farther down. You should see a 'Proctologist'.

The patient is now on the Proctologists exmination table, in the proper elbow-knee position. The doctor inserted a Proctoscope and is looking through it.

'Good Heavens", man! You've got a tooth up there! You should see a 'Dentist'!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Raising A Toast To My Beloved Parents !!

Happy Anniversary mumma and pappa!! Congratulations on completing a Silver Jubilee today!! Myself and TJ are missing you here.

It is indeed very astounding atleast to me..to see parents and other couples completing anniversary after anniversary of togetherness. They have been there for each other for aeons through good and bad times. As they promise so they fulfill 'For better or for worse'. I used to ponder 'how do people devote their entire life to that someone? What gets them to commit to such a infinitesimal-bonding? Are the societal marriage-pacts the cause of legally coercing people to stay together?' May be not elsewhere, but ofcourse in India. I am sure we all must have seen a lot of people who get stuck in the world of responsibilities, boredom, and eventually their much longed-for enthusiam fazes out! Over years of such cogitation and ofcourse seeing my parents I feel you cannot judge circumstances or people on the basis of other people or the societal perspectives. It all about being there in the moment or all those moments to share. Its all worth in the end. With each year of my parent's anniversary, I completed my anniversaries of some self-conflict and moral-real-world-lectures. All said and done, my astonishment continues.......long years these would be..but really happy for my parents!!! As Joey says...'Its all about Having and Giving and Sharing and Receiving'. Lolz.

The word you must be looking for now..is 'Anyways'! Lolz.

MP made a farmaaish of 'aate ke meethe chile (gode ghavne in marathi)'. For those who do not recall...these are the similar to the pakodas that mumma used to make in the month of 'shravan' or 'seetla saatam'. MP and RS went ga ga over them!! Mission successful. lolz. I too enjoyed them....Dil Se!


Saturday, January 21, 2006

Blame it on the Weekends!

Procrastinating every possible work that needs self-motivation and attention. Loitering in the house just to check what every other rommate is doing. Preparing ginger tea just to dawdle. Calling every other friend under the excuse of free weekend minutes. Listening to songs online. Downloading music and burning CDs to hear 'new' songs when cooking. Checking school mail every other minute despite knowing no one would be willing to mail on a cozy weekend. Surfing sites that are otherwise 'boring' and 'i-am-not-into-those'. Not needing a reason to see movies.

Its the weekend mania. I guess thats the routine of every other graduate student here and may be everywhere else. I had a similar one today..infact Ditto! Don't blame me. Blame it on the weekends!


Friday, January 20, 2006

Is there a remedy?

Thank god this week is over. Already heard two grave news. One about DV and other KS and SM. Whats wrong with the universe? Life these days doesnot seem to be a smooth sail for them. And it will take a while to recuperate from destiny's assault. I wish I was there with them.

It seems really strange. Out of the blue you hear grave news about people. People whom you know so well. People with whom you have been associated for so long. People who are your friends. Life does stop momentarily...only for them. For all of us, we can just sigh and feel bad. I hate when people say..'I understand what you are going through...'. NO..you don't! You are not in my shoes. Only the ones put through a tough time can realize what it feels like. But again we all try to extend our love and support. And that is perfectly alright and needed. Whatever the rant be...it takes time to heal.....and who know how much!

...I wish I was with them right now. God be with them every moment. Amen!


Thursday, January 19, 2006

A night's call

'twas twillight
Darkness hovering in
Calling me forth
More enticing than
The pseudo shimmer of hope
To promise me serenity
Nay, surrender I would
Lay in thy arms
Relegating the truth.......

Just a thought. Penned in these lines a while ago and completely forgot about it. I was chatting with TJ when these line re-occured to me. His favourite quote "something is better than nothing" is so opposite of those lines. In times demanding patience and faith, for how long can we avoid succumbing to the combat within us? How resistant are we to the circumstances? How firmly can we hold on the the strongest pillar of hope? Can we see the glass half full?

Yes, we can and only if we want to. Something is better than nothing. As is the glass though half full. I really admire TJ for his strength and courage. All this while, I was like, 'God give me patience and give it to me now'. He knows how to calm me down. He has been a great support for me. Cannot even trace back the times since when I started to look upon him as my alter ego. Got reminiscent of times spent together. He was the scapegoat and an agony aunt for me. Thats my younger bro TJ. It feels so nice to talk to him everyday. Glad that he is there just a phone call away. Yippee.

As for the update on my life, its getting busier and exciting each day, I call it ' The Routine'. Seems like the basic steps of any dance form. Oh...we are just doing The Routine. Ahh...my life has started to sound like that too !!


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Back To The Pavillion

Ya Folks. The winter quarter of my PhD has begun with a big bang. Loads of tough courses to handle this time. I am sure going to have a ball here. Still not in the mood though. The vaccation partying hangover hasn't gone yet. Had a nice break to be modest and to be honest.... spent a great vaccation just lazing, kidding around, and hogging delicacies. Aahhh....it just doesn't feel to be back to school again !! If god gave me a wish..I'd wish for more such vaccations!! Lolz. :D