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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Magnetic Keys

Wow. Now this is what I need! After all, I keep pulling off the letters from the keyboard. And then fitting the key back into its socket is a huge task. Magnetic keys can may my job easier. I would definitely look out for this one.

I love it when technology helps ME.



Friday, July 27, 2007

My Indian Idol Picks

I have my picks from the Indian Idol: Amit Paul and Emon Chatterjee strictly in that order.

Emon is a cutie. His innocence and naughtiness reflects in his voice, which to some extent resembles Sonu Nigam's voice. His geeky gawky looks makes him more appealing. Emon sings really well. And he definitely has a good range of vocals. The 'Mitwa' song or 'Is pyaar ko main' really rocked. This guy can be a top 3 contender for Indian Idol.

But...Lekin Kintu Parantu Bandhu..(ala Udit Narayan)

Hats Off to Amit Paul. That dude is a terrific singer and can make it big not only in Indian Idol but also in Bollywood. From 'Jhoom jhoom jhoomru' to 'O Tum kya jaano' to 'Pehla nasha', he has done it all. Amit rocks. He has a voice of his own and that is his USP. He has a good command over pronounciation and the tune. Also, he can sing in 14 languages. Talented! I think he truly deserves to be an Idol.

My last top 3 contender is Abhishek Kumar. Abhishek is a good singer though he gets carried away.

Prashant, Ankita, and Meiyang lack the vocal training. I think they cannot sing high pitched songs. Being energetic or a performer just doesn't work for me. It is Indian Idol and the focus should be singing. If you don't have the basics of singing what is the performance worth! Puja , Deepali, and Parleen are simply overrated.



Friday, July 13, 2007

One More From The Wisdom World

Here is Sujata Brain-Apart re-quoting Napolean Bone-Apart:

'The best way to keep one's word is not to give it!'

Awesome quote. Since I tend to blabber a lot which often gets me into weird troubles, I definitely need to practise this one! My bestestest friend will definitely second that!



Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Of Sicko and US Health Care

Sicko - The movie by Michael Moore, the harsh truth analyst as I refer to him, has set the health care discussion on fire. The movie talks about harsh realities of the United States health care system, about it's crippled structure, no health care for middle class, and high taxes that consume an average man's bank account. I haven't seen the move but now I really want to. The reason being the heated debate between Michael Moore himself and Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Cnn's most trusted chief medical correspondent on Larry King Live yesterday. HERE is the link to the video. And HERE are Michael Moore's health care facts on his website. This man Michael, has guts to call Dr. Gupta a lier! Yes, that's what he did. The video is really intriguing. After reading Moore's facts, I believe Universal Health coverage may be a solution US is looking for, but I also think that it might not be the best one. We would still face challenges that we are not anticipating now. For sure, it will be cheaper. And if that is what the insured and uninsured Americans want, US should go for it! On that say, I really admire Hillary Clinton proposing universal health care more than a decade ago. If only politics wasn't politics, thing in US would have been different. And ofcourse, 'Sicko' wouldn't have been made.


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Monday, July 09, 2007

Technology for Life

The recent iPhone mania knows no bounds. People all over the worldwide web are talking about its good and bad features. Apart from these already well-known features, I found something that could really help in adverse times like a life emergency. I am talking about EMRs (Electronic Medical Records) on iPhone. How helpful it is to have our medical records on our iPhone!

Indeed, damn good feature. I assume the application was made for having hospital records and billing services on the cellphones of healthcare professionals. Diffusion of innovation would take time considering that laymen use only often-used applications available in a cellphone. But this is a good step in utilizing new technologies towards improving healthcare IT and life in a big picture. Read more about it HERE.



Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Color Crackle!

Wow! I mean literally wow! That's how I would like to describe the splendid display of fireworks I saw yesterday. The best part of 4th July is not the holiday but the gorgeous show of fireworks put forth by the state authorities. I felt like a little child who dreamt of a bright night sky with colorful stars falling over her. The crackling of fire crackers only made me eager to see more and more. It was a magnificent experience. I always knew pisceans have their own dream-world but wasn't consciously aware of their child-like (not childish) demeanor on having their dream fulfilled. I chose to defy myself yesterday. Well, these moments are rare. I chose to be a child yesterday. Who cares! I enjoyed from the abyss of my heart.


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