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Monday, September 18, 2006

Fortune or Advice?

A chinese fortune cookie told me "Patience is one of the hardest virtues to master!". And my personality prayer is, "God give me patience and give it to me now!". What do I do?


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Of Tenses

Often we battle with our innerself to catch a foothold somewhere between living life in the past and ignoring the present or trying to forget the past and living the present or somewhere similar. Many of us do experience such turbulent emotional outbursts, isn't it?

Someone has rightly and wisely said: "Life is always lived forward but understood backward!" So true!

I wish there was brigde connecting the two tenses so that we could tread down the memory lanes re-living the cherished moments and improvising the deemed-to-be-forgotten ones. But again, let bygones be bygones. The best option is to pave a path for a better future!


I am very much elated this hour as Sachin Tendulkar is back and back again handsomely. He scored a smashing 141 runs (including 13 fours and 5 sixes) against the Windies. What more could I ask for! I hope he stays with his rejuvenated form for good. So what if they won? We got a player back. Damn the D/L method.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Recent Movie Mania

Saw some handful of movies in the past coupla weeks. Some old, some new, some criticized, and some hyped. Audiences these days have a penchant for something different, certainly not the run-of-the-mills.

KANK: Yuck! It should be named "Desparate lovers seeking a raison d'être". I guess Karan Johar is better at making candyfloss entertainment. Sparing a couple of songs and some rare specific-scene-limited performances this film has nothing to offer. And it is bagging laurels in the Toronto film festival. Gosh!

LRMB: Okie-dokie! One-time entertainer with a good concept. Definitely different. The director should receive an award for light-hearted motivational drama. But it is too far from reality. Thank god, they show the appearance of Gandhiji as Munna's hallucination!

Omkara: Falls below my expectation. The hpye and hoopla this movie generated was the very cause that it plummeted at the Box office. I couldn't sit through 2 and half hours of bihari slang. If you still wanna see, go and see for Saif Ali Khan's praiseworthy performance.

Corporate: Top Class. Another classy movie by Madhur Bhandarkar. Nice work by the entire star cast.

Devil Wears Prada: Chick flick! Ahh..Meryl Streep is awesome. Anne Hathaway is cute. But the movie fails to entertain.

Superman Returns: Why did he have to return? Chalta hai type film. The earlier versions of superman were more promising.

Friends With Money: Not to be seen when you desire entertainment. Strangely sadistic movie. Everybody is sad, depressed, frustrated, and it still ends like that. I did not understand what the movie was all about!

Waiting for some better movies.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Am I a Nomad?

"Musafir hoon yaaron, na ghar hai na thikana..Mujhe chalte jana hai bas...chalte jana hai.."

Remember this beautiful song penned by Gulzar? Kishore da crooned it and gave it a soul. A searching soul, I would say. Yes, life takes a nomadic course time and again. Nothing stays for ever. Life moves and so do we. From one thing to another, searching and hoping to find a niche only to leave it sometime later.

Why am I saying all this? Because I just shifted my apartment. Yes, rather than it being a gruelling experience, it appeared more emotional. I wonder how long am I gonna keep hopping! I get accustomed to fit myself in an unknown world and after an era of emotional bonding with the place, I quit it to find a new shelter. C'est la Vie!

And I couldn't agree more with the quote of the day by Mary Wollstonecraft: "The beginning is always Today!"