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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Long-cherished and eager to pursue resolutions.....

Learn to forgive
Learn to forget
Learn to move on
Learn to be patient
Learn to be polite
Learn to avoid hurting inadvertently
Learn to control anger
Learn to....................and the list will go on......

MP just rocked today. Puri, Bhaji, Dal, Chawal, and Srikhand for dinner !!!!! Fantabulous. No word left to express..............and m sleepy now. Got some daunting tasks tomorrow.


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Broken Glass

By Ita:

As I lay here watching the broken glass,
I wondered if I ever last
The shadow that's between us
Is getting big as a bus
As I lay here in my bed
I notice I'm thinking in my head
As I die here in the dark
To see the fading heart
The tears are rolling down
There's nothing but a sound
The broken glass
Reminds me of the past
All I wanted was a kiss
But it was only a wish
I love you
Will you love me back?
Take my hand
And never be afraid of that

A very realistic poem that I came across. Really melted my heart.

Happy New Year

Again ??

Yeah. Once more. For all my maharashtrian kiths and kins, ||*|| गुढी ** पाडव्याच्या ** हार्दिक ** शुभेच्छा ||*||

Every 6 months there is a new year. Cool. One whole year of wishes to last for 6 months. May I say... abundant supply of luck to stay happy !!!!!


Friday, March 24, 2006



I am going the Ellen Degeneres way....Procrastinating 'NOW' !! And I am not allowed that...even in a break. Shhhhhhh... What inspired me?? 'Office Space'...lolz. To add to my offence, MP, MB, and RS are going the highway... MY way !! Shooooshhhhh.


Friday, March 17, 2006

Yum Yum..Yummmy !!

Strawberry Ice-Cream Cake !! :D Slurp.........my mouth is still watering. Happy birthday to RS and AR !! This is the cake MB and I baked yesterday for RS's Bday !! Yeah this cake shows that I am finally done with my exams for this quarter....loads of time to experiment. Yippeeeee!


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Holi Hai!!!!!!!

Happy Holi !!
What a way to celebrate it..TJ and I are both together this year. Yipeeeee! Although, we don't play holi with wet colors, I always like to celebrate the warmth and brightness these colors reflect.


Sunday, March 12, 2006


Found these sites while 'casual kill-time' surfing. Wait. Did I just utter an 'Oxymoron'?

Humor: Mad Cow Disease - TJ and I have a history of laugh riots over this one! Rediscovery today.

Amusingly Amazing: Kaleidoscope Toy - Check your level of creativity!

Einstein - This one is a talking Parrot!

Enjoy and Cheerios

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Useless Inventions

Got them as forward. Enjoy.

1. Non stick Cellotape - it exists !!!!!
2. Solar Powered Flash Light
3. A black highlighter pen
4. Glow in the dark sunglasses
5. Inflatable Anchor
6. Smooth Sandpaper
7. Waterproof sponge
8. Waterproof Teabags
9. AC adapter for Solar powered calculators
10. Fireproof Matches
11. Fireproof Cigarettes
12. Battery powered Battery Charger
13. Seatbelts for Motorbikes
14. Hand powered Chainsaw
15. Inflatable Dartboard
16. Silent Alarm Clock
17. A Pedal powered wheelchair
18. Braille Drivers Manual
19. Double sided playing cards
20. Ejector seats for Helicopters

Duh......I could do butter THAN THESE INVENTIONS !


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Is it clear?

This picture really intrigues me with all its 'Fogged Unclarity'! The picture has been taken from the 14th floor amidst downtown Cleveland. Still can't see the tall buildings hidden in air, eh?


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Special Day!

Today is really a special day for me.
It used to be my Grandpa's birthday! I miss you Aba.

Celebration of Women's Day might be another reason. May be. Read some really painful articles about being a women. Yes, those incidences do portray how difficult it is to be a girl/woman. We all know. We all have faced it at some time in life or atleast pondered over it. But don't we need to also shed light on our achievements? Accomplishments give you a hope for the future. Pain/struggle will not stop occuring to us, the societal perspective is not going to drastically change by mere words. People should be self-motivated to give us the respect we deserve. It is indeed courageous to fight all the way through to reach zenith. There are multitude of examples of such women. Their success bore no barriers. It is our efforts to achieve those laurels that also need to be put into limelight!


Saturday, March 04, 2006

I wish...I hope

I wish there were a real-life-do-loop to capture the innocent smiles of your loved ones! Just a thought....Yeah, some day I will hunt down this treasure. Now thats what I call a do-loop-of-hope! Some wise one has verily truely quoted, "You can deprive a person of everything but Hope" and some other wise one has contrastingly quoted, "Hope is good companion but a poor guide". How many times have you found yourself on the verge of a road that divulges in different directions each seemingly distinct but enticing? How many times have you averted yourself from breath-stalling combat of contradictions - the right against the wrong, darkness against sunshine, eternity against mortality....? How many times have you felt the spirits sinking down the soggy mire of circumstantial reality? Life does seem to flee away from us in those frozen moments. Seldom does anyone appear out-of-the-known-blues to calm you down, lend you that shoulder to rely on, and give you the gift of hope, just to see that small smirk on your visage. And in return...what do you wish....? What do I wish? Yeah...to discover the treasure of making them happy and see a smile on their cherubic faces forever...


Thursday, March 02, 2006

New Seat Belt Rules!!!!!!!

The National Highway Safety Council has done extensive testing on a newly designed seat belt. Results show that accidents can be reduced by as much as 45% when the belt is properly installed.

Correct installation
is illustrated below........

Lolz. Enjoy and Cheerios