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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Postcard for the Day!

Inspiring, isn't it? I wanna be there! Its all worth an effort.


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

And U Call It A Win ??

So the Pittsburg Steelers won, haan!! Is there anybody who cares if the Seattle Seahawks did not take home the victory? They played well and gave their best. If you had a closer look at the game, the Steelers got their first touchdown by sheer luck or call it sheer badluck for the Seahawks. I for one, think that is not fair and puts a lot of unwanted pressure on the opponents. Six points, a touchdown, are jumbo points in a Final game. Its not a child's play. Common. Why do we have replays? Why to we have huge screens and all this gone-wasted-not-utilized technology for? Can't we have a fair game? To come to think of it, if Steelers would not have got those brownie points, we might be telling a different story. Thats American football raising some eyebrows here in US. Frankly speaking, wasn't a great game. There you go again...with the another not-so-fair-for-the-game cricket news. Pakistan was declared a winner by the Duckworth/Lewis method. Why? If the game was not feasible, let the situation be like that? Allow the players to get a bonus chance to win themselves and for sure not a bonus win going by some crappy rules.

It is in the interest of the game and the loyalty of the game fans that we have it played Fair. So whats a fair game? Atleast those people who made such profound rules did not really think about it. What the heck? The rules are their to support a fair game and not the opposite, right? Ultimately, what counts is the WIN, and not the effort. How many people really care to atleast genuinely appreciate the effort the runners up (not losers, it takes a big deal to make an entry into the finals) put into the game?

I do. No kidding. And thats why this rule-lambasting! Lolz.


Monday, February 06, 2006

Can't Stop To Notice

It feels so funny to find that your professor resembles a comic character on TV. A famous one. There is one complex statistics course that I am taking this quarter and the professor is a BIG SHOT. Yeah..he is a biggie in his field. Its a short 1:30 hour class. Not much time to dwadle..lolz. (Yeah Stats is boring after a while!) A couple of classes back, I suddenly happen to notice that Mr. Prof bears a striking resemblance to Raymod..the one everybody loves. Yeah both guys Italian, both Smart, both famous, look similar, and both have the same Italian Accent. That class was a roller coaster ride of non-stop laughter. I could not stop noticing the resemblance. I still cannot. Since then, the whole one and half hour I keep thinking, 'Ray would definitely say like that....thats how ray would do...'. I told Munchy and she was like, 'Are you kidding me?' I asked her to notice how the prof said 'Whatchou gonna do here is...' and imagine Ray saying that. It took me no time to persuade her to see with my eyes and now she joins me in the laugh riot!! ROTFL. Arghhh...I want to concentrate.

My friends who 'know' me, accuse me of possessing piercingly observant eyes!! No kidding. I somehow can see and remember minutest nuances, incidences, characteristics of people, situations, or be it anything. And ask me after a year. I would remember that. Its strange. If I have to recall the stuff I read for the exams, I need to really pull my brains apart. Lolz.

I am off for now. Befor signing off, I have an anecdote to share. One day JV was reading my blog, and said, "Are you aware cheerios is a cereal??". Lolz. Yes, I do Jay. Its fun to tweak words!!

Cheerios (lolz)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Where is it?

Wow..what a day! Crazy like hell! Everytime I say or to put it bluntly grudge about my busy life busy work, and busy busy everything to whosoever folks I talk to, they retort saying, 'Welcome to the Real World'. Like thats some generic statement and a different world exists somewhere out there. The words echo in your mind. Its like, everytime we want to take a break from the current situation and complain, run to the Real World of psuedo existence. You will always be welcomed there! Ofcourse, why not? Everyone complains and everyone else welcomes them. Its like a viscious cycle. I got to find this utopia of escapism! Frankly speaking, cannot complain much. I knew it from the very beginning. Its going to be tough and like this. When the choice is ours, complaining is not an option. But seriously, I gotta find that real world....everybody keeps welcoming me. Lolz.

Rang De Basanti is in the news for good reasons. RDB came out unscathed in the media. That really is some tough job for our bollywood movies these days. RDB has its own share of pros and cons but overall it is a good watch. Yes, the director did a commendable job. A perfect blend of patriotism and soul-awakening in the backdrop of modern teenagers who have no clue what they are going to do. RDB is all about youth....the young and the restless. It isn't a periodic movie, but it brings forth the sentiments of our freedom fighters and highlights their efforts to give us a free world. We see the characters of today bearing a striking resemblance to the heroes of the past. It is indeed astonishing to see how well the past was intermingled with the present. Inspiring enough. I really liked the song 'Roobaroo Roshni'. Awesome lyrics and wonderful meaning. The lyrics can be found HERE.

As for the rest of the week or weekend, i will be BUSY again. Lolz.