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Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Gift of Love !!

An Eternal reality,
Greater than the shadows of darkness
Dwells with us
Explaining the vanity
Of this Effervescent existence,
Immortal we are in all
But one..LOVE
Lives forever and ever
Bequeathing times to cherish !!

Past week brought some exteremely grave news for one of my ex-roommates...rather one of my family member here in US. After all we are a family.. in a home away from home. The news not only were disheartening for all of us..but also brought the worst hidden apprehensions from the bottom of the heart....the black hole of the heart...where all our worst fears lie unseen and unspoken. The surfacing of these fears not only made me ponder and underscore...that life is unpredictable...its true..we hear it and say it all the time. But then..when it strikes...its aweful. It made me think that no one is special. Things can happen to u n e time and n e where. Sometimes destiny strikes so hard that the loss is not only unforgettable but irrepairable. What can we do??? Only pray...pray for getting the strength to endure...the reality and accept the void now created in life. But then, there are memories. Memories live for ever. Memories of love and all the good and blessed times that we had together. Love can enlighten our lives even in the darkest of darkness. And love can show us the right path giving all the support that we need and also the motive of our existence.

I happened to pen these lines long ago, but realized the true meaning of it....only in the past week.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

A Warm Welcom to My Blog !!


Surprised ??

Yeah, for people who know me, won't be astonished to see me speaking short words and phrases in French, German, Spanish, and many more. I like to learn different languages, explore different worlds, and conquer different hearts. And for those who are still figuring it out, I am Sujata Jayawant. Currently pursuing Masters in Pharmacy Administration at the University of Houston, United States.

Finally, not only gave a serious thought of creating my own blog, but also succeeded in posting my first post !! I seriously believe that we just need to take an initiative, get that one step going and the rest is taken care of. C'est la vie..Thats life !! Life, life, and more life. Its the essence of our very existence and needless to say, my thinking revolves round the pragmatism sought in it.

Before I make an exit, a quick cameo. A thought I happened to casually write, but started believing in it as experiences unearthed its deepest meaning and it now is one of the principles of my way of life.


What say ya? Keep visiting for more food for thought....Food..hunh...I'm hungry. Gotta reaallly grab a bite. :)

Adios Amigos.