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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bravo India!

What a victory! Simply praiseworthy! We are the Twenty20 World Cup champions. A tight match and even tighter control on the nerves displayed by our new captain, the cool one, MS Dhoni. This calls for a double celebration, one for the World Cup and second for our newly found aggressive captain Dhoni!

And India still holds the record of winning 'all' the matches against their arch rivals Pakistan in any World Cup tournament. Awesome, isn't it?


As for the Indian Idol 3, Prashan Tamang was crowned the new successor of the musical throne. Congratulations to him. Frankly speaking, Amit Paul was a better and a more deserving candidate. His singing was nearly flawless and absolutely melodious. But, the better one isn't always the winner! What say ya?


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